Commercial Exterior Applications


In commercial settings, it is common to remodel the entire interior of commercial spaces. We can drastically alter the style and look of your office space, restaurant or retail establishment. Since our product is sprayed onto existing surfaces the cost of installation is greatly reduced as no demolition is required. We use what you already have and just make it better.

Our product is lightweight coming in at 25% of the weight of solid limestone, so your foundation will not need to be reinforced to undergo the procedure The demand for spray on limestone is high in the commercial market given the elegant look at a much lower price. It is not only versatile but also offers a stylish alternative to the dated cement stucco.

Commercial Exterior Applications

Our product can be applied over existing or new drywall. Complete rooms or partially accented. How many times have you been in a restaurant and the stones have been painted to create an illusion.

Our product is not an illusion, we use all natural limestone to create real stone to the eyes and to the touch. If you do not tell people looking at your wall what it is, they will think it is actual stacked stones.