“Old World Craftsmanship, New World Technology”

PROCAL Stone Design is a Houston company specializing in an innovative surface covering consisting of hydraulically sprayed and troweled limestone. This spray is unique in that it can be applied on any surface for both interior and exterior applications. We are not just installers of this unique product, we actually invented, produce, and patented this revolutionary product and application method.  Our company actually began across the Atlantic in France around 17 years ago in France where our founder created our product.

With hard work, determination and a strong core of values, our dedicated and honest team have had PROCAL emerging markets worldwide. Our unique “Old World” approach of personal and dedicated service with artisan mastery has been the major appeal to our customers. We fused the modern world technology with the old world stone artistry and have brought the demand for limestone back to the forefront of structural design.

You now have a choice for the exteriors and interiors of your home, and PROCAL is giving you limitless options.