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As the original and authentic sprayed limestone company, we are proud to bring our innovative limestone coating to residents of the Greater Houston area. Our company developed  PROCAL Limestone Spray seventeen years ago across the ocean in France. Since those humble beginnings we have expanded into nine countries and now the great city of Houston. Our highly adaptable liquid limestone is a superior wall covering and can be applied on any surface to accommodate a multitude of projects. PROCAL Limestone Spray has been used to create artistic lawn statues, interior walls, pool decking and much more. Since our product is completely customized it is easily conformable to your design vision for either corporate or personal home décor. PROCAL Stone Design will make your dream come to life with our Artisan expertise.

Why Sprayed Limestone?

Many of our clients ask what the difference between our process with sprayed limestone and the other solutions that are out there. Here are some of the key highlights about our product.


Continues to harden for up to two years.


Breathes like natural stone because it is!


Has flexibility due to our secret formula.


Helps to keep it from spalling in cold weather.


High alkaline content of the special limestone.


Ideal for both interior and exterior use!


Does not slake and flake away like imitators’ products.


Fully customizable shape, size, and color.

Increase The Value of Your Home! Call Your Residential Limestone Experts

Our product brings a novel and unique decorative crushed limestone wall coating system handcrafted on location. It has the expensive look, strength and natural beauty of cut stone and once cured is real stone.

The transformation is amazing. Check our pictures in our gallery. We provide free estimates whether your accents done or your entire house.

Our product is projected or troweled onto the surface, rather than painstakingly mortared or embedded in concrete. It is not mass produced like other veneers. It is produced on site reducing the cost of installation.

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Have a Large Project? We're Your Commercial Limestone Experts

We can change the look of your restaurant, office or shopping center. Since we always apply our product directly on the old surface, the cost of installation is reduced.

Our product is light, as it is 25% of the weight of traditional cut stone. No need to reinforce your foundation to have this product installed.

Our product has a vast application in the commercial market providing customers natural limestone at a lower cost. It has the perfect versatility needed for commercial projects and offers an alternative to cement stucco.

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See What Our Clients Had to Say:

  • The brick on our home was the standard red brick that so many people have. We were really wanting to change it and saw the commercial on TV. We called and in less than a month, our home looks like a brand new home. Thanks again!

    Jerry M.
  • Alfredo and his team redid my fireplace and it is absolutely beautiful. It only took two days and now my house is the envy of the neighborhood.

    Megan K.
  • I used Procal stone on my fireplace. It looks exactly like I expected. The process was fast and there was no mess in my house.

    Marie B.
  • I was dubious about using this product on my patio walls. I cannot be any happier about the result. My friends and family cannot believe it was sprayed directly onto my bricks.

    Martine T.

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